National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding

 Genetic improvement in bovines is a long term activity and Government of India has initiated a major programme ‘National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding’ (NPCBB) from October 2000 over a period of ten years, in two phases each of five years, with an allocation of  Rs 402 crore for Phase–I. In order to consolidate gains made during Phase-I, Phase-II has been initiated from December 2006 with an allocation of Rs 914.89 crore. The NPCBB envisages genetic upgradation on priority basis with a focus on development and conservation of important indigenous breeds. The project envisages 100% grant-in-aid to Implementing Agencies.

1.1  Objectives

 The objectives of the scheme are:

(i)  to arrange delivery of vastly improved artificial insemination (AI) service at the farmers’ doorstep;

(ii)  bring all breedable females among cattle and buffalo under organized breeding through artificial insemination or natural service by high quality bulls  within a period of 10 years;

(iii)  undertake breed improvement programme for indigenous cattle and buffaloes so as to improve  the genetic  makeup as well as their availability.

1.2  Components

(a)   streamlining storage and supply of Liquid Nitrogen by sourcing supply from industrial gas manufacturers and setting up bulk transport and storage systems for the same,


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introduction of quality bulls with high genetic merit,

(c)   promotion of private mobile AI service for doorstep delivery of AI,

(d)   conversion of existing stationary government A.I. centres into mobiles centres,

(e)   quality control and certification  of  bulls and services at sperm stations, semen banks and training institutions,

(f)    induction of breeding bulls for natural service in the areas not under AI coverage , and

(g)   institutional restructuring by way of entrusting the job of managing production and supply of genetic inputs as well as Liquid Nitrogen to a specialized autonomous and professional State Implementing Agency.